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Rao Mohsin Ali Khan Intro

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Rao Mohsin Ali Khan Intro Empty Rao Mohsin Ali Khan Intro

Post by Admin Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:03 pm

Name: Rao Mohsin Ali Khan From Karachi University
Masters (I.R)

Date of Birth:03 August 1987

Aim in life: Aim in life shud b 654321
6-Six digit salary
5-Five working days
4-Four wheeler car
3-Three room flat
2-Two cute children
1-One sweetheart

Hobby: Reading

You Hate: Lair

You Trust: In Myself

You Fear:The time when people wont have dreams

Favourite Books: Sab Se Phelay Pakistan By Gen. Musharraf , Mera Quaid By Anees Qaim Khani

Favourite Place: Karachi, Pakistan

Favourite Relation: Mother-Son

Favourite Dress: Kurta Shalwar

Favourite Politician: QeT Altaf Hussain Bhaai

Favourite Dish: Qeema Fry

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Hero: Saif Ali Khan

Favourite Heroine: Kareena Kapoor

Favourite Singer (Male): Sajjad Ali, Junaid Jamsheed

Favourite Singer (Female): Shirya Ghoshal

Favourite time in 24 hours:Early Morning

Favourite weather:Winter

Favourite Subjects: Geography

Define life in three words: Qudrat Ka Anmool Tohfaa

Your three wishes: Ek Ho Muslim Haram Ki Pasbani K Liye,
Acha Insaan Banna Aur Us Per Musalsal Qayem Rehna,
Main Jo Wish Karoun Woh Poori Ho :d

Which thing would you suggest to introduce here?: Every forum needs to think for putting efforts to make the youth worthy

If you were President of Pakistan: Saddarat Wazarat Ka Khuwaishmand Nahi

Your Ideal Personality: Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

What can you do for Pakistan?: Jo Bhi Mujhse Ho Sakka

How you express your success?: I am still struggling for success

Do you love someone?:May Be....

Are you talkative? Lil Bit

You pray every time: No

Say something about yourself in a paragraph:I am Blank Paper ....



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